Trinity Lutheran Church


Our Mission:  We are a fellowship of believers in Christ, sustained by God's Word, led by the Holy Spirit and committed to God's vision of caring.

All are Welcome!


Trinity Lutheran Church is equipped with an Elevator.

Trinity Lutheran Church of Albert Lea was organized as a congregation on February 24, 1877. A number of Danish Immigrants had been meeting in homes and the decision to form a congregation was made. The organization meeting was held in a school house 4 miles south-east of Albert Lea. A constitution was adopted and Pastor J. Danielsen was called to serve as the first Pastor of the new church. The new congregation was called The Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church. Trinity’s first services were held in a city schoolhouse. Members were few and money was even less.  The first church was a small building on Winter Street on the outskirts of town. Because of it’s poor location and small size the decision was made to procure another church nearer the center of town. Thus the second church was built and erected on College Street in 1884 for the large sum of $600. In 1922 a building committee was formed to build yet another church and on August 5, 1923 the corner stone for the present church on the corner of Pearl & Washington was laid. This church cost a good deal more than the last church, a sum of $70,000 including the lot. Trinity Lutheran was known in the early years as the Danish Church and many Sunday Services were held in the Danish language. Today there are still members of Danish Heritage at Trinity but all nationalities are represented and welcome to hear the word of God spoken there. On Sunday, February 24, 2024 Trinity Lutheran Congregation celebrated it’s 147th year of God’s Grace.